Behringer AT108 15-Watt Acoustic Amplifier Review

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The quality of a tone is what defines music. This is basic yet many of those trying to learn music fail to get it right. The greatest music sounds ever produced are those that used the right quality of tones. When music turns sour, it would be easily observed in the type of tones produced and even not necessarily by trained ears. However the production of the high quality guitar tones need not be a pain any more. With the availability of Behringer AT108 15-Watt acoustic amplifier, guitarists can crank out tones such as they have never before to the admiration of their listeners.

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The Behringer AT108 is a guitar amp and it can be used to put vintage tone as well as character to the sound produced by guitars. One thing that becomes so easily obvious is that it is such a beautiful-sounding amp that those who are just starting to learn how to handle guitars can make use of.

Behringer AT108 Acoustic Amp Features

  • Light and portable 2-channel acoustic amplifier
  • Comes with 8′ dual-cone 20-Watt speaker
  • High-grade wood cabinet and metal enclosure
  • Separate volume control for microphone input
  • VTC Virtual Tube Circuitry for tube-like sound
  • Play along to your favorite music with CD input
  • 15.4 x 7.6 x 14 inches  and 15 pounds
  • Comes with User’s Manual

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The fact that beginners can easily use this amp does not mean that the amp is meant for beginners only, in fact there are many professional performers who are more comfortable with the use of this amp than any other. This could be used by professional performers all the time.

It is evident that what most guitarists want most from their amps is the ability to give the best tone. The Behringer AT108 acoustic guitar amplifier is very unique in several ways and you will get to know about this right rich and tone that would be produced any time it is put to use. The buttery tube-like goodness as well as the harmonic character gives such richness in tone that can not be leave you bewildered and your next quest may be to find where the tubes are hidden.

Behringer AT108 Review

Our research into the Behringer AT108 15-Watt Acoustic Amplifier turned up a lot of very positive reviews. As part of the features of 15-Watt Behringer AT108 acoustic amp that clearly mark the amp out as a revolution in the music industry, there is an instrument input and this is complemented with a microphone input. For each of these, the volumes can be controlled. All that is required is to plug in an acoustic guitar as well as a dynamic microphone and you would be set to rock your listeners.

The design of the amp is such that it will last. The electronic components that come with the amp are built into a robust metal closure. This gives maximum protection when the amp is being put to use. The cabinet used in this case is made of quality wood covered with vinyl. The little problem encountered by some people is because they have not carefully followed the instructions spelt out in the user’s manual. The manual is user-friendly and gives a lot of insight into how to make the best from the amp. You can read more reviews from other satisfied customers and users by visiting Amazon as well. They currently have over 68 reviews with a very high average rating of 4.7 stars from other users and the list is constantly getting bigger as many more people buy and try the guitar amp with great satisfaction. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon and Save $50 for Limit Time Only.

For the price the Behringer AT108 amplifier goes for and the quality of its performance, it is an amp you need to have if you are serious about your performance with the guitar. Click here to check it out.

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