Line 6 Spider IV 15 Watt Guitar Amp Review

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The Line 6 Spider IV 15 watt guitar amplifier is top flight guitar amplifier, capable of delivering rock star quality sound. It has the capability of being customized to four unique amp configurations and can be switched by pushing a single button. The sound is delivered by a single custom 8” speaker in a ¾ closed cabinet. It also has a ¼ – inch headphone jack where you can hook up your favorite headphones.

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This 15 watt power house has plenty goodies built-in to make anyone sound and feel like a rock star. Very customizable including the ability to create 4 distinctly different amp models (all settings configured and stored) and are switchable simply by pushing a single button. The settings include EQ, gain and effects settings to suit each model.

Line 6 Spider IV 15 watt Amp Features

  • 1×8″ custom speaker
  • three-quarter closed-back cabinet
  • Built-in tuner; 4 dialed in amp models
  • Save and recall EQ, gain and effect settings
  • Swirly phaser, tangy chorus/flange,  expressive tremolo
  • Sweep echoes, beautiful tape and syrupy reverb
  • 6 Smart FX based on studio effects and celebrated stompbox
  • Treble, Drive, Bass, Mid,  Master volume and Channel volume controls
  • FBV foot controllers, simple channel switching and a chromatic tuner display
  • 1/4″ input; 1/4″ headphone and direct output;
  • 1/8″ MP3/CD input; FBV foot controller jack

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The Spider IV also has plenty of Smart FX effects built in that are based on stompbox and studio effects, they include; tangy Chorus/Flange, swirly Phaser, expressive Tremolo, beautiful Tape and syrupy Reverb. With the Smart FX, you will have the ability to tweak every tone with the knobs mounted on the amp.

The cabinet is well constructed and features a ¾ closed back to help generate exceptional sound quality. The actual sound comes from a single custom made 8” speaker and amplifier system.  All of the amp controls are mounted on top of the cabinet for easy access and tweaking while playing.

Line 6 included a few extra benefits above the one listed above like; ¼-inch headphone jack to allow you to plug in your favorite headphones if you decide to play when it is not convenient for the sound to be heard. There is also a ⅛-inch connector for MP3/CD input player. There also a connector to plug in a foot pedal (not included with the package).

Line 6 Spider IV 15 Review

After reading through many reviews online for the Line 6 Spider IV guitar amplifier, I noticed that the overwhelming majority of purchasers of this amp are really happy with it. One reviewer was amazed how well this amp sounded. Another reviewer really liked the four amp models (mostly the metal) and would highly recommend it. Another reviewer thoroughly loved the amp and pointed out the construction of amp was outstanding. So many of the reviewers just raved about the amazing sound that comes out of this amp.

This Line 6 Spider Amp has received stellar 62 reviews. Nearly every review we were able to find online gave this guitar amp is a five star rating. Here were a few of the negative comments; the amp requires way too much tone adjustment. Another reviewer did not like the excessive amount of distortion coming from the amp and did not think they should have to do so much tuning to get it set right. Despite some negative reviews the number of positive reviews greatly outnumber the negative comments by a pretty significant margin. The vast proportion of reviewers had none of these issues. Click here to read more reviews.

After reading through all of the reviews online for the Line 6 Spider IV Amp and the positives seem to far outweigh the negative comments. I would highly recommend this amp to everyone. Click here to check it out.

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