Pyramid GA810 800-Watt Guitar Amplifier Review

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Pyramid GA810 Guitar Amplifier (800-Watt) is one of the best guitar amplifiers that are in existence. This product is weighing about 36.8 pounds.  It has great sound quality. The volume and treble, base controls are amazingly efficient and delivery outstanding sound quality.

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This device is over 30 years old. This is with respect to the time of first manufacture. Pyramid GA810 Amp has outstanding features that majorly create the distinction between it and other amplifiers. The quality of this Pyramid guitar amplifier emanates from the well-built nature of the heavy-duty woodwork that majorly surrounds it.

Pyramid GA810 Guitar Amp Features

  • Volume, Bass & Treble Controls
  • 1/4” Phone Jack and 1/4” Headphone Jack
  • Ac 110/220 Switchable Voltage
  • Heavy-Duty Wood Construction
  • 21.7 x 19.3 x 13.9 inches and 36.8 pounds

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Pyramid GA810 Guitar Amplifier Review

The customers’ reviews of this particular product were very exceptional. They said it had lots of power in the small package of this device.  The watts that are given are complete bomb.  The customers who tried it found that the sound quality it gives has no distortion. In addition, the sound coming out of this device is very much better than the previous versions that they have tried out before.  This device has a quality that makes it give real competition to other amplifiers. The relative cheapness made them appreciate their purchase as it not only saved their money but also offered them the quality they needed.

The device produces sound that is free from any kind of interference. One can be able to get clearly the music without straining. this is a property that enabled them even to be tempted of making another purchase of this product but were held back just because they had already made the purchase. This Pyramid electric guitar amplifier was found to be very durable and lasted long. There were customers who had made their purchases some years back and still feel as if the product was purchased recently. This is because of the originality of the sound it produces.

Some customers even had to crosscheck their products just to make sure that the one they were purchasing was the intended purchase. They in turn advised that the manufacturer should ensure that the product is easier to differentiate from other amplifiers in the market. This is because they almost got confused and purchased the wrong amplifier but realized when they checked the labels and switched in time before committing to the purchase. It was also noted that the model is a little bit similar to that of Pyle-Pro PPG860A 300 Watt portable guitar amplifier but they were able to make the distinction before making the purchase.

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Form the overall reviews of the various customers. It is notable that this product is highly recommended. The sound quality the emanates from the Pyramid amplifiers is outstandingly of high quality. The customers always liked the features of the amplifier and wished they could purchase more than two. This is due to their relatively low pricing. The price is very affordable. There is a lot of saving when this purchase is made and consequently, the quality of sound one gets is superb. They gave it 4 out of 5 rating. Click here to check it out.

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