Laney VC30-112 30 Watt Class A Guitar Tube Combo Review

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There is a lot more to be learned about guitar than strumming the strings. The quality of the sound produced matters a lot and there are several factors that are connected with this. From the materials used in the making of the guitar to the gadgets through which the sound produced is amplified; all do actually need to be looked into and perfected for high quality sound production. Laney VC30-112 30 Watt Class A Guitar Tube Combo is one of the best-known materials for powerful effect and high quality sound production in guitar.

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Class A British classic tone can be offered by the VC 30 combos and if this is what you want, you can get it nowhere else and it even comes with unique options for speakers. As part of the features that the Laney VC30-112 30-watt class A guitar tube combo amp has, there are 2 foot switchable channels, a bright switch and a three band which are put on the drive channel. An elusive living tone is always that part of music that many people are looking for and the perfect solution for this is this unique instrument under review.

Laney VC30-112 Guitar Tube Combo Features

  • All Tube 30 Watt Class A Construction
  • 1x12in Celestion Seventy 80 Speaker
  • 2 Channel Operation with Bright Switch
  • Footswichable reverb and channel switching
  • Optional FS2 Footswitch is also available

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There is a watt driver, which is custom-designed and is housed by the VC30-112 houses. Running in an awesome A class mode, there is always a minor distortion that is generated by VC30. The valves on this device have been designed to give that unmistakable sound that is known only with class A.

There is a suave connection between a tone and a player amp. This connection can only be noted by those who are dedicated towards making or enjoying high quality music and for them one of the things that makes this possible is the use of Laney VC30-112 guitar tube combo amplifier. With the premium ECC83 preamp tubes fitted with the device, quality sound is voiced which can generate up to 30 watts of power. The sound produced is released through EL84 output tubes.

Laney VC30-112 Guitar Tube Combo Reviews

There are raving reviews about the gorgeous tone that can be produced with the aid of Laney VC30-112 combo amp. The weight is also an issue that most guitar players have to contend with when they are handling their instruments and other needed gadgets. The Laney VC30-112 30 Watt guitar tube combo is lightweight when compared to some other spring verbs that are known.

If you have been using this Laney amp and you have not been capturing the potential it has in its full capacity as some people have complained about, then what you need is adequate training on its use. When the amp is used in the right way, high quality sound would be produced.

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With comparisons with similar amps that are sold in the market, there is little doubt that Laney VC30-112 30 Watt guitar amp gives high quality sound productions like no other. It’s worth the extra dollars when compared to cheaper models. Click here to check it out.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (12 votes, average: 4.17 out of 5)
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